about me

My first novel, The Invisible Crowd, was published by HarperCollins (HQ) in November 2017. It is a multi-voice story about immigration in the UK, and was inspired by an asylum case I worked on when I was a barrister. If you enjoy reading it, please do post a review or get in touch. My agent is Laura Macdougall at United Agents.

My first book, Saffron Shadowswas published by Columbia University Press in 2015. It is about literary life in Myanmar under censorship and includes new translations of fiction and poetry. I researched it while living and working in Yangon.

I am currently doing a PhD in literary anthropology at Stirling, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, researching live literature, and writing a book about it for Palgrave's Literary Anthropology series. I founded and direct an experimental live literature project called Ark to stage immersive short story performances in library spaces. I write and make audio stories as part of those shows. I am interested in the intersections between the creative and the critical. 

I have an MA in creative writing from Royal Holloway (Distinction), a Masters in human rights law and social theory from UCL (Distinction), and a degree in Music from Oxford (top first), and I am a qualified barrister.

I practised law as a barrister in a London chambers for seven years. I've also worked for an AIDS orphan charity in Zambia, in a refugee camp court in Thailand, on the Botswana's Bushmen's trial contesting their eviction from ancestral lands, and in Myanmar training lawyers on human rights. As a flautist I have played professionally in orchestras, busked around Europe and winged it in a jazz quartet. 

I am the proud mama of two children both under five and we live in north London. 

If you'd like to say hello or ask me anything about my work, please do via my contact page.